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  hi there, let us introduce you to the new model promoter of ShopFor5. She is absolutely Gorgeous, she can wear ShopFor5's clothes like boom boom wow. By the way for business purpose (booking) if you need a model for your business she is open, you can contact us on our Facebook page or e-mail 

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watch the video Now !  Giving isn’t a business transaction. It’s a human connection. To inspire donors to give, you need to make a meaningful connection by showing them why they matter and how they can make a difference. When you understand why your donors give, you’ll be able to make a more effective appeal.   Donner n'est pas une transaction commerciale. C'est une connexion humaine. Pour inspirer les donateurs à donner, vous devez établir un lien significatif en leur montrant pourquoi ils comptent et comment ils peuvent faire une différence. Quand vous comprenez pourquoi vos donateurs donnent, vous serez en...

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1 Carrying things is a thing of the past Staggering home with 10 supermarket shopping bags is a pain – especially when they cost 5p each. Shop online, get them delivered and have a bag-free shop. 2 You can do it after a few drinks Nobody ever walked into a store and walked out with a gazebo and a tiger onesie. But thanks to sites such as ShopForF, and other eclectic marketplaces, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit down after a glass or two of vino and ponder what your living room would look like with a zebra print wall rug. Even...

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