Heal Force PC-80B Professional Easy ECG Monitor ECG Monitoring Machine LCD Heart Health Monitor Easy Handheld Portable USB Continuous Measuring Function

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PC 80B Easy ECG Monitor is intended for measuring and recording the ECG signal and average heart rate of adult patient. It is applicable for use in clinics and homes and convenient to operate by the patients themselves. It can be used for continuous measuring with the adhesive ECG pads and lead wire connected to the device.

Small in size light in weight and one-key measurement easy to operate.
ECG waveform and interpretation of results are displayed clearly on dot-matrix LCD screen.
Result can be measured in 30 seconds also can lasting for 10 hours.

Measuring Technology
Advanced measuring technology provides steady and accurate ECG waveforms.
Seventeen types measurement result can be presented.
Up to 1200 records for quick measurement or 10-hour data records for continuous measuring can be stored in built-in memory.
Data records can be reviewed copied deleted and uploaded as well.
It can be used to substitute the normal ECG examination or real time monitoring.

Power Support
Power saving technique with automatic shutting-down function.
Two AAA batteries are used to support more than 10 hours working time.

Measurement Modes
The detecting ECG signal can be detected by the following lead selection:
1 Palms (both hands on unit)
2 Chest (right hand and chest)
3 Leg (right hand and left leg)
4 ECG lead wire

Note: The measurement results are a useful reference for doctor but do not make direct diagnostic or analytical decision
based on the information provided by this device.

Brand: Heal Force
Materal: ABS
The number of measuring channel: Single channel ECG signal
Electrodes: 3 embedded metal electrodes or 3 adhesive ECG pads connected to the connector of the device with lead wire
ECG Bandwidth: 1Hz-40Hz
Internal Noise Level: ≤30uVp-p
Heart Rate Range: 30-240bpm
Heart Rate Accuracy:



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